Sunday, 24 June 2012

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New Apple iPhone 5 Picture Leaked

New Apple iPhone 5 Picture Leaked. Here’s How It’ll Look

The new Apple iPhone 5 is probably the most anticipated smart phone at the moment – they say it’ll be the only phone able to make a real competition to the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to the old Apple tradition, the iPhone 5 will most likely be launched in fall. And before that, we have some interesting leaked pics demonstrating its design and allowing us to make some assumptions on its features.
Not so long ago some pics showing different parts of the new iPhone 5 leaked, but now’s the first time we can see it assembled.

Well, the iPhone 5 (if it’s the real iPhone 5!) seems to be rather stylish. We can see on the pic that its display is bigger than that of the iPhone 4S, measuring at 3.8 or 4 inches or even more (let’s hope they haven’t made the screen bigger at the expense of the pixel density!). Unlike the glass body of the iPhone 4S, the chassis of the iPhone 5 is most likely made from metal and plastic; yeah, glass looks cool, but metal is more durable.

What else can we see on the pics? Not much, I’m afraid. But still, the new iPhone 5 looks very nice, and if it’s armed with good hardware features, too, it’ll really become the most serious rival of Samsung’s famous Galaxy S3. Its chances will become even higher if it comes with 3D UI that was patented by Apple several months ago.

And here are the other leaked pics of the upcoming iPhone 5:



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