Tuesday, 19 June 2012

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Make Your Android device Battery Last Longer

In case you are frustrated by your Android device battery life, the following tips may help you. Learn how to make your battery lasts between 1 and 2 days depending on use by reading through:

First of all, you should disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use. As for your Bluetooth, you can disable it manually from the home screen, press the Menu button - tap Settings -select Wireless & networks – Find Bluetooth and uncheck to disable it.

You can disable Wi-Fi the same way manually, but there also is an automatic way to do this. Install the free Wi-Fi On-Off widget from android marketplace. After installing long press on your home screen, select "Widgets" then "Wi-Fi On-Off. Enabling Wi-Fi only when you actually need, helps improving your battery life a lot.

Syncing takes a lot of battery, especially when it is done improperly. The optimal way to synch is discussed below. 

Sync only your own calendar by following these steps: open Calendar, select Menu->More->My calendars->Menu->Remove calendars. Select all calendars except your own and click OK. Do not just disable the other calendars, you must actually remove them. . This can save a lot of battery and memory as well, while making syncing much faster.

Adjust screen brightness, which is most probably set on automatic mode. If you’re not reading something on your smartphone or tablet at the very moment, reduce brightness to save battery. For this, go to Menu>Settings>Display>Brightness and uncheck the "Automatic brightness" box. You'll now have a slider with which you can adjust your screen.

Hope these tips above help you make the best use of your Android device. Keep in touch, more tips are to come.



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