Monday, 31 December 2012


Torrent to direct download

It takes much time to download files using torrent downloaders.In this tutorial I will teach you how convert  torrent download to direct download.It is very simple if you follow the below steps.

  • Visit a torrent site and download the torrent you need.

  • Download the torrent file or just copy the link.

  • Open this site [Link]

  • Upload your downloaded file to the site or just paste the torrent link.

  • Now press go button.

  • Click on free.

  • After the caching completes,click on download.

  • Select free again and the download starts.

For faster downloads,use Internet Download Manager.Click here to download.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Morphing Tutorial Using Photoshop

Hello people.In this tutorial I will tell you how to morph two images and make them into one using photoshop.

Step 1 : First we need two images to morph, for this tutorial I selected two images.

1) Bird [ Download ]

2) Dog [ Download ]

Step 2 :

Now we will start off chopping the dog's head.Here i am using lasso tool to crop the dog's head.

Now after you create the selection you have to right click inside the path and select make selection, then copy and paste it on the bird image.

Step 3 :

After pasting on the bird layer you will have to right click on the dog's head layer on the layers palette and convert it to smart object. Then hit CTRL+T and match it to the bird's head.

This is how we convert the elephant head to smart object, it greatly helps in maintaining the quality after cropping.

Step 4 :

Now that we have transformed the dog’s head on top of our bird we will create a new adjustment layer and control the hue and saturation for the dog’s head to match it to the bird. So yeah hold alt and click the “create new fill and adjustment layer” select the hue and saturation and enter the settings shown below.

Step 5 :

Create a new layer and name it skin, in this layer we are going to make the scales of the bird on the dog’s head. For doing this we will quickly grab the clone stamp tool and select sample all layers and then hold alt on the bird’s scales and using a soft brush put it on the elephants head. Make sure you are on the skin layer which you created now!

Here is the final result.

Bird with dog head (Morphing Tutorial)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Slideout / Floating Facebook Like box widget Generator Tool

Facebook Pop Out Widget Generator Tool

Adding Facebook Like box to blogger blog,lots of blogger tips and blogger tricks are offered online. Occasionally adding code to blog is not achievable due to error tags on code. Facebook Like box on blog take up more room, to reduce blog room and using for adding another widget is a superior idea. Popup Facebook Like box widget not only save your blog space and attracts visitor on scrolling technique of window. TechnoClouds come back with another fantastic widget generator tool related to Facebook from its TCLAB a Tool “Facebook jQuery Popout Like box widget Generator” is developed for all its visitors/readers. 

Here without any error in code you can generate “Facebook Like box code” by means of Generating Tool with effective style and Facebook buttons. 

No need to work hard for Generating code and adding code, easily add to blogger blog. Let’s begin the tutorial for generating code and adding

Step:1 If your blogger template already have jquery plugin ignore this step or else Add jQuery plugin
Sing into your blogger blog
Click on “Design (Layout in the New blogger interface)
Click on “EIDT HTML” link tab
Now search for code


After finding the code paste the below code above to it

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Now “Save the Template”
Step 2:
After successful saving template, Click on Desgin – Page elements link tab
Click on “Add a Gadget” link

Select “HTML/Javascript” widget and paste the below your favorite Facebook Like box generated code in it

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Facebook ID Finder

The below tool helps you to find the Facebook User ID or Facebook Page ID


1 Milloin+ Serial Keys For All Softwares,Games etc

Below are the serial keys for all softwares,games etc.More than 1 Million keys are covered in this post.

Download and open the files below, use ctrl + f to find the desired key.

1 Million Serial Keys For Softwares(Text Files)

Best of 2007-2008

All Most Free Games CD Key 2012

Keys with starting letter

























Click on the letter to goto download page.

Monday, 10 December 2012

How to bypass surveys for getting keys

Hi friends.I know we always search for full version softwares or free serial keygens for the softwares.It takes much time to search for free keys for making the software full version.But, now I will tell you the simple trick to get free keys.

Follow the below steps to get serial keys.

Step 1 : Go to  [ Link ]

Step 2 : Search for any key you need.

Step 3 : Now check the address bar, you will get last alphabet of the link as "XXXXX"

Step 4 : Copy that and paste any where say notepad.

Step 5 : Now type in another window " "

Step 6 : Replace the XXXXXX with the code you have copied in Step 4 and goto the site,you have done.

If you have any question about any Post, Don't hesitate to ask question.You can simply drop a comment below post.Your Feedback always appreciated.