Saturday, 24 November 2012

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Mashable Style Social Subscription widget for Blogger

Mashable style widgets are pretty cool widgets which comes with many subscription options and they are becoming very popular now days.This widget was introduced by Mashable and we have realtered it and added few more features for you, the widget features include Google+ page follow button, +1 the Google page, like blog fan page on Facebook with likers thumbnails displayed,  recommend the page on google, follow at twitter, subscribe to updates and also includes a link.This is All in One widget that is why bloggers like this widget.Here I am providing a widget generator for this gadget so that you can easily add this gadget without any errors and very easily.Let's start adding this gadget :)

How To Add Updated Mashable Style Widget To Blogger?

As mentioned above I am providing a widget generator for this gadget,just follow below steps carefully:

1. Fill your preferred details in particular fields of the below form.

2. Click on Generate button and then click on Add To Blogger button.

3. A new window opens, Choose your blog and Save it.



  1. Thank you this is really nice. Will have to do a review of this.

  2. very useful article.I like your efforts.Thankyou...

    Tricky Hacker

  3. there is a problem in the widget when we submit a email id to subscibe from feedburner it shows this feed has not activated email subscription its because the value being passed is that of the twitter id and not the feedburner id it can be rectified by changing to feedburner id


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