Friday, 2 November 2012

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Make Money Online Using Android Mobile Phone or PC from WHAFF Android Apps

Make money from your android mobile phone for installing android application in your mobile phones, and also earn money from your pc. many android mobile phone users already installed this application in their mobile phones.

How to get paid by installing apps in your android mobile phone :

1. First you need android mobile (PC User Download and Install BlueStacks in your PC)

2. Download and install WHAFF Android apps from Google Play Store (it’s free application) or direct download from here

3. Enter invite Code : AA66030 (you will get $0.20)

4. Download and Install available apps in WHAFF

5. Minimum Payout $5

6.Inviting friends you and your friend get $0.20 for each.

Wanna say thanks.Just us my invite code [ AA66030 ].Extra $0.20 will be awarded to you by using this invite code.



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  2. Wow Great guys its easy hhaaa :D

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