Sunday, 19 August 2012

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How to hack facebook,gmail,yahoo..etc. passwords[Educational Purpose only]

Many Facebook, Gmail,Yahoo...etc passwords are being hacked daily by the hackers.To protect yourself from hacking,I am going to tell you how to hack and how to know some one is going to hack your username or password.

There are many ways for hacking passwords.Among them the easy way is PHISHING.


PHISHING is getting the information like passwords,usernames,credit card details...etc.Usually the person who want to get password sends a link to the victim and if the victim opens the link,it appears to be same as the login page of Facebook,gmail,yahoo..etc.If the victim tries to login, his username and password will be saved in the hosting website of that link.

How To Do?

  1. Download the files for hacking from here [Link].
  2. Upload the files to any of the hosting websites.
  3. Now send the PHISHER link (index.html) to the victim and make him to login.
  4. Once he login to the PHISHER link, all the typed username and password will be saved in the passes.txt file.This file will be created in the webhost control panel.
     5.Now open passes.txt,You wiil see user name and password there.

How to know some one is going to hack your ID or Password?

If some one sends you a link and asks to open it,check whether the url pf that site is matching to original site.

For example, if the hacker wants to hack your gmail password.He will send you a link and if you open that link it is similar to Gmail login page.So you have to check whether the url is correct or not.

Note: Hacking is illegal.Do not use this process for illegal purposes.This  is only for education purpose.



  1. where will be the folder created...where the folder web host of control panel located???

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